About us

We are here to make your life easier.

Our Mission

We want to ease your entrepreneurship journey by helping you start and grow your business.


Time to Be Excellent!

With great passion and almost two decades of experience in tourism, project management, and individual English language tutoring in a realistic business context, we partner with you to deliver the best solutions to help you and your company thrive.
We are scrupulous in studying markets, sector trends and dynamics, collecting data and emerging best practices in the industry and apply our knowledge and expertise to reach the best approach on your path to success.

What we do at Business Excellence is multi-faceted and interdisciplinary!

We are based in Sarajevo, and work with a team of talented and dedicated strategic thinkers, project managers, tourism and hospitality industry experts, in-depth market analysts, qualified English language teachers, content managers and communication experts.

Our values

1. We are passionate about what we do.  We find solutions, we create paths for development, we thrive in our creative endeavours.
2. We know what starting a company feels like. It’s in our DNA. We know how.
3. We are devoted to sustainable development and revel in working with companies committed to sustainability.
4. We invest in knowledge. We deploy a consulting-led approach.
5. We enjoy our clients’ success.
6. We foster a trusting, collaborative and supportive environment.
7. We take responsibility for our actions.
8. We are a locally based company with extensive understanding of the business context, economy development dynamics, and macroeconomic environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
9. We have strong partnerships with companies in Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro and North Macedonia, and may secure the provision of professional services in these territories through related entities.
10. We are structured in accordance with national laws, regulations and customary practice of Bosnia and Herzegovina.