Market Research and Analysis

Market Research and Analysis


Do you want to hear the facts? Do you want to want to know how to navigate the changing business landscape in Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina? A good insight is a foundation for a successful product and service development; it is key for the right assessment of steps towards your goals.

At Business Excellence we use data-driven principles to develop a business case, project proposal, or analysis of your target customers and hence identify the best path towards success.

As trends in the market change, there will be new opportunities and obstacles along the way. The right information can help innovate your business, enhance customer experience, and/or minimize risks. Thorough and extensive research will enable you to make new choices, develop new products and services, and promote them to new customers.

How do we do it?

  1. We gather interior and exterior data, research the market, products and services, client profile, public opinion, policies and regulations concerning a particular field.
  2. We collaborate closely with you to identify your company’s unique purpose, positioning, and branding that truly portrays the company’s identity by applying an in-depth analysis of markets, trends, insights and audiences.
  3. We will provide extensive market/user research and analysis, competitive analysis, strategic planning and recommendations for Bosnia and Herzegovina to serve your business needs and enable a comprehensive view of the competitive market. This will help you better understand your competition, your customers and decide on the best marketing approach.