Learn Bosnian Language

Learn Bosnian Language


You wish to be independent and communicate with the local community in Bosnia and Herzegovina on your own.

Learn how to communicate with clients, partners, and corporate and institution leadership audiences and become well-versed in conveying your company’s voice in the Bosnian Language.

We will help you develop a strategic plan to communicate, and learn to present your products and services in a way that guarantees you will attract attention and achieve success.

How Do We Do It?

  1. We meet with you and discuss your needs and objectives,
  2. We develop specific topics and context-specific to your workplace and objectives,
  3. We provide material including glossary (expert vocabulary) and articles with specialized topics,
  4. We provide face-to-face training of effective speaking and communication to refine your skills so you deliver assertive, confident high-level Bosnian communication.

What Do We Do?

To master the art of communication we offer a number of training courses:

  1. Strategic Communication – help you learn to communicate the best message through the right channel – master specific vocabulary and terminology,
  2. Business Communication – help you develop skills and strategies of effective communication via emails, high-quality professional documents in Bosnian and English language.
  3. Marketing Communication – help you prepare for specific presentations, exhibitions, meetings, conferences, round tables.
  4. We provide communication lessons 1 on 1.