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Digital Transformation Free Webinar

By Business Excellence | Comments: 0 | June 17, 2020

Using Digital Transformation To Adapt To Today’s New Normal
By Entrepreneur Insider

“Going Digital” is a critical part of any business nowadays. But what does that mean for your business? During this pandemic, we learned there are various stages to going digital. At first, most of us were focused on transitioning to work environments from and changing services that adapted to our new needs, like Zoom video calls. But as we have entered a new stage of “Going Digital,” many of us are now focused on building partnerships and serving clients digitally, even if your business operates in a physical space.

But the million dollar question is, how do we manage this digital transformation? We sat down with Adam Meshberg, Founder and CEO of  Brooklyn-based Interior Design & Architecture Firm, Meshberg Group, to talk about his own experiences and how entrepreneurs can use the right digital tools with their transformation.

Plus during this webinar, Adam will discuss:

– How to find solutions to challenges when transitioning to digital
– The challenges of virtual when shipping physical goods
– Tips to virtually cater to client needs
– How to keep a remote office productive and inspired.

Free Webinar takes place on 23rd June. REGISTER HERE.

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