Balkan Travel Mapper

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We designed this app for you to enjoy the Western Balkans to the fullest in English and Chinese languages. Balkan Travel Mapper communicates about capitals and other major attractions within the Western Balkan and promotes do-not-miss-spots in Pristina, Tirana, Sarajevo and Skopje.

This is your ultimate guide with the interactive mapping platform for cultural, historical and natural tourist attractions and activities, as well as accommodation, restaurants, shopping spots, local and regional tours. Whether you are going on a business trip or a family & friends vacation, the app will motivate you to explore, enjoy and taste the Western Balkan. You can download the map and use the app as an onsite guide, to book a tour or a hotel by contacting us or plan out your next vacation without missing anything.

Balkan Travel Mapper is a web and mobile application and serves as a tool for promotion, sales, networking and communication of destinations within the Western Balkans area featuring attractions, POIs, regional tours and itineraries, accommodation, restaurants, shopping and other tourist related amenities.