BHFunEduCamp is a local summer camp for children and teenagers who want to enjoy and explore what Bosnia and Herzegovina has to offer.

Our camp is designed to offer a true camp, at times scout-like, experience in exceptional natural surroundings. Our aim is to introduce young campers to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s rich cultural and historical heritage. Acquaint and inspire them through the cities, villages, mountains, arts and crafts, and the spirit of life in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is a multi-activity program with rafting and horse-riding adventures, sport activities and excursions. It is a great way for the children to explore the outdoors in a safe environment, improve their English and Bosnian language, while enjoying some of the most beautiful and exciting attractions in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  The camp provides 24-hour supervision and a safe environment to suit different activities and needs, in the care of experienced tour and mountain guides, teachers and experts.

We are a team of friendly and professional staff (Insider Sarajevo Travel Agency personnel, professors and teachers, and partners) whose goal is to provide a unique experience to the young campers.
The Camp is located near the capital, and serves as a perfect base to explore some of the most iconic areas in the country.

The Camp is organized by Business Excellence in collaboration with BeinBosnia, Travel Agency Insider and NGO Mali ambasadori.


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